Montag, 29. November 2010

Quick updateupdate

In case you missed it, here is a place to which I will not be moving. And I'm sure they're just as happy about that as I am.

In other news, apparently parents can't be bothered to supervise their kids' television viewing:

The cable-television industry's plans to offer packages of family-oriented programs don't give viewers enough control over channels they consider indecent, Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin said yesterday.

He told reporters afterward he has pressed cable companies to offer a la carte programming or make their family-oriented packages "more robust."

He said that if cable companies don't offer channels a la carte, they should adopt a decency code that matches the standards of over-the-air broadcasters including CBS Corp. and News Corp.'s Fox network.

First: Oh, please. Fox's decency code? Have they ever seen "Arrested Development"? (Well, OK, maybe that's why it got canceled. But I've never seen any other show manage to cross the line so often without technically crossing it. Fabulous. I really hope Showtime does pick it up.) Second, WTF? It sounds like Martin wants the cable industry to offer what Ned Flanders got: 600 channels with 599 of them blocked out (all but the Christian channel).

You know, kids, there's an alternative: TURN OFF THE DAMN TV.

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