Montag, 29. November 2010

This is what they call a complex

Dear conservative American Christians:

You claim to be the majority in this country, and by many measures, you are. You use this fact to argue that everyone else should live according to your rules by law. You cannot then turn around and whine that you're being persecuted and everybody HATES you and people are AFRAID of Jesus and abortion was made legal solely to PISS YOU OFF and gay people want rights because they want to SODOMIZE YOUR CHILDREN and MAKE YOU WEAR LEATHER PANTS AND EYESHADOW. "Persecuted" and "majority" do not go together unless you insert "by the" between them. Gays have a much more valid claim to the persecution label than you do -- and, by the way, you're the persecutors there. You vastly outnumber the gay people. To sum up, "People disagree with me!" does not mean "I'm being persecuted!"

By far my favorite quote in the story: "You guys [conservative Christians] have become the Jews of the 21st century." (Michael Horowitz of the Hudson Institute) I know a fair number of 21st-century Jews who would beg to differ, particularly those who have had close encounters of the "Jews For Jesus" kind.

And I know none of this makes a damn bit of difference to conservative Christians who believe they are being persecuted and see criticisms like this as further proof that they ARE being persecuted because NO ONE BELIEVES they are being persecuted. I just thought I'd get it out of my system anyway.

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